Replicant tile - Blade Runner / Ennis House / Frank Lloyd Wright

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Director Ridley Scott borrowed some of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs for his sets in the 1982 film Blade Runner — specifically the concrete tiles used on the walls of Ennis House (see images). They are quite distinctive in the sets for Rick Deckard’s apartment. The original design was itself inspired by stone carvings on Mayan temples.

I have replicated the tile faithful to the original design as a seamless Substance (.sbsar) with control parameters to easily customize completely different materials in Substance Painter, ranging from the default “Blade Runner”/Ennis House concrete tile to glossy ceramic and reflective metallic tiles for a scifi look. The assets also include all 2K PBR maps (colour/metallic/roughness/normal/AO) and high quality 4K displacement maps for true 3D renders, such as with Arnold or for use in ZBrush or other 3D apps.

An FBX format 3D extruded tile model (494 polygons) and a flat tile version (14 polygons), with colour/normal/roughness maps) is included. A Maya/Arnold scene file (created with Arnold 6/Maya 2020) is also included. These options give you maximum scope to use the asset in game engines and other 3D apps for architectural visualization. Click on dots in picture above to see other customized looks.

Maps are based on the metallic/roughness workflow but work equally well in specular/glossiness workflows as there no metallic/specular maps are used and the roughness map works as well inverted as a glossiness map, thus they are compatible with game engines including UE4, Unity and CryEngine. The normal maps are optimized for UE4, but you need only invert the green channel (Invert Y) for other apps like Unity.


• Substance material with built-in control parameters, and instructions. Requires Substance Painter 5.5.3 or newer to open the Substance.

• Full set of game-ready maps in TIFF/PNG format, including high quality 4K displacement maps for true 3D rendering, such as in Arnold.

• Scene files for Maya 2020/Arnold 6 showing PBR and displacement map setup.

• 3D Meshes with UVs of the flat and extruded versions of the tile (FBX format).


License info:
Commercial use of the Substance/maps/meshes is permitted and is non-transferable. The assets must not be redistributed or resold. © 2018

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Replicant tile - Blade Runner / Ennis House / Frank Lloyd Wright

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